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Darlingtons has a dynamic team of specialist business lawyers available to assist your business with all it’s requirements to grow, exploit opportunities and mitigate legal and business risk.

Our approach is fundamentally business as well as legally oriented. We know that clients expect us to understand that there often needs to be a balance between covering every conceivable risk and angle and ensuring that costs are proportionate to the client and business and that timing is also important.

The team is led by David Swede who has over 40 years experience as a solicitor, including time spent as Managing Partner of one of the biggest West End practices and also considerable experience in business himself.

You will also find the rest of the team of high calibre and with a similar approach – teamwork (both with you and with each other), results, practicality and value for money are at the forefront of everything we offer.

We advise on a diverse range of business and commercial law issues including:

  • company law
  • starting a business
  • shareholder rights
  • business contracts
  • directors duties
  • intellectual property rights
  • confidentiality agreements
  • e-commerce
  • shareholders agreements
  • buying or selling a business or assets
  • employment advice for employers
  • dispute resolution

We make it our business to understand you business, providing a big firm service but much more cost effectively for all kinds and sizes of businesses, whether start ups, partnerships, small companies through to large international and stock market listed Companies in all sectors.

Based in North London we also have a Central London office for your convenience. The client base who instruct our commercial solicitors comes not only from throughout London, but also many businesses throughout the UK and internationally.