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Solicitors in London for making a will

There are many compelling and sensible reasons to instruct a solicitor to  advise on and write a will, and the cost is affordable.

We provide practical and affordable wills advice. 

Our will writing services (not involving Trusts, Inheritance tax planning or visits and meetings outside of our office) are affordable, providing peace of mind that a “DIY” will service simply cannot.

Why make a will?

A Will provides certainty and guides those who are left behind and saves worry and heartache at a time of great emotional stress. Other benefits include:

  • Choosing who inherits your assets and make specific gifts of items you want specified people to have
  • Avoiding the situation where you don’t leave a will (known as Intestacy) whereby government rules determines who benefits
  • Minimising or avoiding Inheritance tax
  • Reduce financial problems for beneficiaries
  • Choose Legal Guardians for your children
  • Choose your own executors.
  • Set up trusts for children/grandchildren which can be flexible and allow money to be used for their benefit before they finally become fully entitled
  • Make charity donations
  • Make your own funeral arrangements and decide whether you want burial or cremation
  • Avoiding family disputes over wills

Keep your will safe and remember to review

It is surprising how often we come across the situation where someone dies and the will cannot be found or it’s not clear if it’s the latest will. Using a solicitor, who retains the will for you, is a good way of safeguarding against this. Another common mistake is to make a will and then forget about it.

Circumstances change in life, so a will should be reviewed and amended where appropriate based on changes such as having children getting married or divorced, improved financial situations or where you unfortunately may decide to explicitly disinherit a close family member who might otherwise make a claim against your estate without a clear will stating the person should not inherit and why.

If you need experienced advice on making a will, varying or changing a will or estate planning help get in touch with our specialist wills lawyers, who would be pleased to help.

Our experienced private client solicitors can guide you through all of the overlapping disciplines and legal aspects involving the organisation of your financial and welfare needs for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones throughout all stages of your life and following your eventual death. Contact us today for specialist advice. You can also view more information about our wills and probate lawyers here.

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