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No Win No Fee Injury Compensation Liverpool & London

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If you have been injured and believe the injuries were caused by someone being at fault, we can help recover compensation for loss and personal injury. While this will not, in itself, right a wrong, it can make life a little easier while you adjust to what may be new and difficult circumstances.
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How it does No Win No Fee work?

No Win No Fee means if you don’t win your claim, you don’t pay our fees.
If you win, we deduct our fee from the compensation paid to you. We will tell you from the beginning what that percentage will be so that you are fully aware of what to expect.

What sort of claims does No Win No Fee cover?

No Win No Fee agreements can be put in place for personal injury claims arising from a road accident or injuries sustained at work. To bring a claim for personal injury, someone else must have caused that injury by failing to meet the standards required of them or their working practises, such as a medical professional.

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In all suitable cases, we offer ‘No Win No Fee’ services. If you think you might be entitled to compensation and require advice, our team can help. Call us today on 0151 236 5000 for our Liverpool offices, 020 8103 8561 for our London office, or complete our online contact form. You can also view more information about our personal injury lawyers here.