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Fixed Fees

As a firm we fully recognise that when seeking legal advice for a legal need, risk or transaction, clients understandably have certainty on legal costs as an important consideration. Fixed fees are important and we offer fixed fees wherever possible and/or as now required under Solicitors Regulation Authority Transparency Rules.

In particular, we offer fixed fees for residential sale, purchase and remortgages – our fixed fee quote calculator can be found here.

We also offer fixed fee services for probate – please go here to find out more  and also for certain employment law advice.


It is important for anyone seeking legal advice to remember that you are buying professional advice and not just a service. Even where fixed fees are quoted for types of work where we know from experience how much of our time an average transaction may take, no 2 matters are the same. As solicitors we are bound by strict professional regulations and our primary duty is to ensure that you get the right advice to protect and maximise your legal position. Consequently, fixed fee quotes are always given on the basis that if an unforeseen problem or complication arises which will significantly increase the amount of time we would have to spend, we may seek to agree an additional fee with you. This will always be a last resort and will be fully explained with options available to you as a client to agree or not.