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There are a number of contexts and uses of a formal Deed of Release document which are much wider than just for some aspect of property law.

However, perhaps the most common type of deed of release relates to co-ownership of property and where 1 owner ends up buying out the other owner. In that situation, it’s important to have a carefully considered, carefully drafted and thorough deed of release which ensures that the release from all liabilities is comprehensive, starting usually with a deed of release from the mortgage. This document may also involve other parties such as a mortgage lender and others.

Other potential uses and situations where a deed of release may be important, recommended or essential include :-

  • deed of release from debt
  • intra-company debts releases where there is a group structure and a reorganisation
  • a deed of release from a personal guarantee
  • a deed of release from a property covenant on a property title
  • a deed of release from the terms of a  company debenture

If you need solicitors for advice on any type of formal release from a contract or legal burden or commitment, we are experienced and cost effective. We can draft and advise on all types of deed of release so please do get in contact with us.