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“Like having a West End firm locally” – a recent comment from a corporate law client.

We also highly practical and highly experienced transactional corporate lawyers able to negotiate the best deal and protect your interests on any deal. 

We provide cost effective, practical advice to businesses of all sizes whether start ups, medium sized enterprises or large corporates.

Company law issues, needs and problems

Common situations include :-

  • Corporate transactions.
  • Corporate governance and liability – including regulatory advice and advice on issues such as the Bribery Act, whistleblowing and Data Protection law.
  •  Group company structures – including holding companies and inter-company issues such as loans.
  • Shareholder rights.
  •  Director duties.
  • Insolvency, administration, receivership, closing a limited company and liquidation.
  • Disputes arising from the way in which a company is being run – whether dissatisfaction with directors or disputes between shareholders.
  • Company formation or restructuring.
  • Director and shareholder exits including terms of exit.
  • Providing independent legal advice to individual directors on duties and liabilities on exit and insolvency matters.
  • Board minutes, resolutions and Companies House filings.
  • Corporate finance legal advice.
  • Preference shares and other types different types of shares with associated extra rights or powers.
  • Corporate joint ventures.
  • Advice on directors loans.
  • Debt financing legal advice.
  • Advice on company share buybacks

For cost effective small business legal help from lawyers experienced in dealing with issues for small and medium sized businesses, get in contact.