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Specialist business lawyers in London

Our approach is focused on assisting clients objectives to grow, exploit opportunities and mitigate legal and business risk. We  understand that there often needs to be a commercial balance between covering every conceivable risk and angle and ensuring that costs are proportionate to the client and business and that timing is also important.

The team of business lawyers is led by Paul Levy. The team are high calibre and with a similar approach – teamwork (both with you and with each other), results, practicality and value for money are at the forefront of everything we offer.

Commercial law areas we commonly advise on

We advise on a diverse range of business and commercial law issues including:

  • starting a business
  • business contracts
  • directors duties
  • intellectual property rights
  • confidentiality agreements
  • e-commerce
  • shareholders agreements
  • buying or selling a business or assets
  • employment advice for employers
  • dispute resolution

Commercial law advice

Transactions, situations and advice areas where our business lawyers regularly provide corporate law advice include :-

  • M & A and MBO transactions
  • All aspects of private equity and investment
  • Corporate governance and liability – including regulatory advice and advice on issues such as the Bribery Act, whistleblowing and Data Protection law.
  •  Group company structures including holding companies and inter-company issues such as loans.
  •  Advice on shareholder’s rights
  •  Directors duties
  • Insolvency, administration, receivership, closing a limited company and liquidation
  • Disputes arising from the way in which a company is being run – whether dissatisfaction with directors or disputes between shareholders
  • Legal aspects of company formation or restructuring
  • Legal Advice on director and shareholder exits including terms of exit.
  • Providing independent legal advice to individual directors on duties and liabilities on exit and insolvency matters.
  • Board minutes, resolutions and Companies House filings
  •  Corporate finance legal advice.
  •  Preference shares and other types different types of shares with associated extra rights or powers.
  •  Advice on directors loans
  •  Debt financing legal advice
  •  Advice on company share buybacks

“Like having a West End firm locally”

The above statement comes from a  recent commercial client and sums up how clients tend to perceive our commercial lawyer team and the benefits of instructing us.

Based in North London we also have a Central London office for your convenience. The client base who instruct us comes not only from throughout London, but also many businesses throughout the UK and internationally.

If you need help or advice on any commercial or business law issue, please get in touch.