What should employers include in an internet, email and social media policy?


If your business does not already have an Internet use and social media policy, you should strongly consider getting one which has been carefully thought through and to ensure that the policy is consistent with other employment law policies, contracts and your business generally. It is also vital that any policy is backed up by READ MORE

Retaining title pending payment in sale of goods contracts


What is a retention of title clause? If you include a retention of title clause in your terms and conditions, you will retain ownership of any goods you sell until you receive payment. Without a retention of title clause, ownership of goods will pass to the buyer when the goods are handed over and not READ MORE

Try mediation before litigation


The process of commercial mediation is often overlooked in a potential or actual litigation situation. There seem to be several reasons for this, firstly that in a litigation situation, matters, even in a business context, can become very personal very quickly, and positions become entrenched. Secondly, there appears to be a lack of understanding of READ MORE

Houses in multiple occupation – legal risks and tips


What is an HMO? House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a term of property law, which relates to rented property with shared facilities (such as kitchen, bathroom or toilet). It could be the case in: Houses split into bedsits Students in shared accommodation Shared houses of three or more tenants where each tenant has got READ MORE

New video tips from David Rosen


We think an excellent way to add interesting new content is via video – this also has the benefit of allowing you, the visitor, to get to know us in a way which mere words on a page never can. We hope this latest set of short videos from David Rosen and our marketing team READ MORE

Assignment of a contract


The concept of assignment applies to many types of contracts ranging from business contracts to property contracts and to personal legal issues such as life insurance policies also. Assignment is simply the legal term for transferring legal rights in a contract, but it is crucial to understand from the outset that it relates to rights READ MORE

Small Claims


Subject to certain exception, claims with a value of less than £10,000.00 are classified as small claims. This does not mean such claims are dealt with in a different court to other County Courts or with a different kind of Judge.The 2 most important implications of a claim being a small claim are :- No READ MORE