FIFA – Choice of Jurisdiction Legal Issues


There has recently been a great deal of press coverage in relation to FIFA pursuing  former Executives through courts in the US. There remains skepticism as to whether this is a genuine attempt by the organisation to recover funds and/or hold accountable those who may have committed wrongdoings, or merely an attempt to garner some READ MORE

Pre-contract agreements – what, why, when?


As a lawyer and Chelsea supporter, I noted with interest the reports that Jose Mourinho has possibly signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United – reported here and here as well as in numerous other publications. A few quick points possibly of interest on this :- If correct, I would speculate that Manchester United, not READ MORE

Vicarious liability – new warning for employers


We’ve talked previously on this blog of the importance of using lawyers and legal advice in a practical and educational way and last week’s Supreme Court decision emphasises why this is so important. The case circumstances were well and widely reported – for a useful summary we suggest reading this. Vicarious liability for actions of READ MORE

Blackmail law – rarely black and white


In this post, we’ll explore a real world civil litigation example which demonstrates the potential fine line between legitimate or at least acceptable litigation tactics and blackmail. These situations and scenarios happen far more commonly than you might imagine. What is blackmail? In legal terms, the concept of blackmail is one of the simpler and READ MORE

Ongoing mental capacity issues where a Court of Protection Deputy has been appointed


Court of protection disputes A recent case, fully reported here – demonstrates the complex and difficult role of a Court of Protection Deputy. In particular, the case provides useful insight into the approach of the courts where :- • There is sufficient mental incapacity sufficient for the Court to have appointed a Deputy but READ MORE

Are you legally streetwise? – things they don’t and can’t teach you at Law School


Most trainee solicitors in commercial law firms are likely to spend part of their training contract time working in a litigation department or handling some dispute related work. Many trainees will also undertake their training contracts at small firms, perhaps where there are only a small number of lawyers at the firm. This post is READ MORE

Changes under the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015


Here is a reminder on some of the recent changes brought in or due to be implemented under the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015 (“SBEEA 2015”); Changes from 10/10/2015 Accelerated Strike-Off for Companies: As of 10/10/2015 the strike off period for a company which has had first notice of dissolution published in the READ MORE

Art law – a brief introduction for both Impressionists and Realists


Many would say that the fields of art and law are about as far apart as any jobs or disciplines can be but art of course is a business, worth many billions of pounds a year as well as a passion and pastime. There are a surprising number of areas of law that impact on READ MORE

Ransom strips


The inspiration for this short post was a recent discussion with a colleague. The colleague no longer practices property law but did so some years ago. He had rarely come across a ransom strip situation whereas I have quite commonly. A ransom strip is a small piece of land, generally strategically retained when a larger READ MORE

Title deeds – how important are they?


You’re about to sell your property and can’t find that file of papers sent to you by the conveyancing lawyer when you bought – a swell of panic slowly rises and you start thinking you have a big problem. Well, in most cases, YOU CAN RELAX. Title deeds not generally important for legal ownership due READ MORE