I have been left out of a will, and its not fair. What can I do?


Options after being left out of a will In these current dark days of the unknown when the cupboard is bare, and money is non-existent, people look to their friends and family for help financially. ‘I loved my father very much. He left me nothing in his will. He wouldn’t have done that to his READ MORE

Property lawyer’s thoughts on Brexit


The result all real estate solicitors feared came to pass last week. Now what? This is my view on the various sectors Residential domestic property I think we are in for a period of sustained inactivity here. Sellers won’t sell because prices will notionally drop. Buyer’s won’t buy for fear of taking on additional commitments READ MORE

Nobody Home – Abandoned Tenants and the Housing & Planning Act 2016.


An issue which sometimes arises for Landlords letting properties on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) basis is where the tenants seemingly abandon their tenancy during the period. Landlords are often left in a difficult situation where on the one hand they do not have a tenant in occupation paying them rent, yet if they change READ MORE

Supplier Beware! Retention of Title Clauses in Contracts and the OW Bunker Malta Ltd Decision


Supplier Contracts and Retaining Title Many suppliers take commercial risks when supplying physical components or “goods” in a manufacturing, supply or retail context. In a bid to protect their position, they often retain title or ownership in the goods they supply until payment, which can often be on a 60, 90 or 120 day credit READ MORE

Europe: In or out? A legal perspective


Little has been said of the law and the regulations adopted and imposed upon us as members of the European Union (‘EU’). Sure, we all know about the curved and straight cucumbers. Is that it what it boils down to? Cucumbers? This blogpost is a general overview of matters before and after England and Wales READ MORE

Lessons in serving legal notices for commercial property


Technicalities and details matter generally in life but especially when it comes to legal matters. A recent case demonstrates the risks associated with timing and technicalities when it comes to commercial property – you can read the full reported case here. Our summary of the case is :- Dispute over validity of property lease break READ MORE

Darlingtons taking part in London Legal Walk


We’re proud to say that we are again sending a team to the fantastic London Legal Support trust 10k walk in Central London on 16th May 2016. At Darlingtons we don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk! For more information about the event, see here. If you would like to support our charitable READ MORE

Crystal ball gazing – possible immigration law implications of Brexit


With events moving rapidly towards a referendum on staying in or leaving the EU, the implications are huge. One of the major difficulties for both individuals and businesses at the moment is that the implications, in many respects, are very unclear. This may be due, in part, to brinkmanship where the EU and the UK READ MORE

Why your lawyer’s personality matters


People tend to want to deal with people they like and this applies to clients and their lawyers. However, is that a good enough or important reason to choose a lawyer on that criteria online? Almost certainly not – clients use lawyers for important matters, often business critical or of vital personal importance. Competence is READ MORE

FIFA – Choice of Jurisdiction Legal Issues


There has recently been a great deal of press coverage in relation to FIFA pursuing  former Executives through courts in the US. There remains skepticism as to whether this is a genuine attempt by the organisation to recover funds and/or hold accountable those who may have committed wrongdoings, or merely an attempt to garner some READ MORE