Immigration Act 2016 – Landlords are you ready?


Landlords will already be familiar with changes that were introduced by the Immigration Act 2014. This piece of legislation obligated Landlords (from 1 February 2016) to check that their tenants or lodgers can legally rent property in England. This is known as the ‘right to rent’. In summary, UK citizens, EEA citizens, Swiss Nationals and READ MORE

Early Stage Investment Rounds


Funding considerations for start up businesses One of the most exciting aspects of being a corporate lawyer is advising start ups and entrepreneurs on how to make their idea a reality. One of the main issues with being a start up is that you may have the idea, the connections and even the contracts in READ MORE

Rail Misery, Mobile Phones and UK Class Action Claims


UK rail commuters are in the headlines at the moment complaining about overcrowding, poor service and seem to be having a bad time generally. This group of consumers cite majorly underperforming services on privatised contracts, which is often leaving some commuters bereft of ideas on simply getting to work. There are also (unverified) reports that READ MORE

I received a default judgment. What do I do?


D Rosen A claimant brings a claim. A defendant defends a claim. This subject is time-sensitive. You must act promptly to do something about, it or you may forgo your right to do so through passage of time. This blogpost is aimed at the uninitiated who have never been involved in the court legal system READ MORE

Have channel 4 forgotten the yeast when buying the Bake Off rights?


Sometimes real life situations which genuinely impact people offer the easiest and best way to demonstrate important legal issues which can otherwise seem remote or dry. Let’s face it, people care about Bake Off! It looks as though Channel 4 are in a pickle – a vital ingredient in the show, the rights to which READ MORE

I purchased a house from someone who is a fraudster and is not the true seller after all. What do I do?  


  D Rosen  You buy a property. You use solicitors or licensed conveyancers for the intended purchase. The seller of the property also has solicitors or licensed conveyancers for the intended sale. You found the property for sale through local estate agents. You have inspected the property and met with the intended seller. A price READ MORE

David Rosen interviewed by Jeremy Vine on Radio 2


Our very own David Rosen, head of litigation, was approached to speak on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 today. Hear what David was asked and his comments below – David’s input starts after about 4 minutes 30 seconds into the segment. READ MORE

Tips for executors of a will


Below are some of the more common questions we are asked by executors. What is the legal role of an executor? An executor’s role is to collect in assets, pay debts and then distribute the estate of the deceased as specified in their will. How is an executor chosen for the role? The deceased normally READ MORE

Practical Brexit business tips


Legal tips for the uncertainty with Brexit Practical steps your business can take now Every business in every sector has to deal with issues of all kinds to survive and thrive in normal market conditions. Brexit creates an unprecedented problem due to uncertainty. It is common consensus that it will take several years for Brexit READ MORE

Do prenuptial agreements work? Are they binding?


What are prenuptial agreements? Prenuptial agreements are agreements entered into, PRE/before marrying or entering into a civil partnership to protect and ring-fence the assets and financial interests of one, or the other, or both parties about to marry. What about the romantic element of marriage? Yes?…Not really, no. When it comes to prenuptial agreements, romance READ MORE