Arm’s length transactions


In order for a transaction to be considered at “arm’s-length”, there is a requirement that the involved parties are independent in nature and equal. When looking at “arms-length transactions” specifically in relation to contractual agreements, it is vital that different parties in an agreement maintain this independence. It may be the case that both parties READ MORE

Rent reviews for commercial properties


Rent reviews When deciding to commit to a Commercial premises, tenants tend to think optimistically and are sometimes are quite happy to enter into a long lease with the promise of certainty and stability. However, if a lease contains a ‘rent review’ clause, this could potentially leave them exposed and faced with a commitment to READ MORE

Company assets and finances on divorce


In an important recent decision the Court of Appeal reaffirmed some principles relating to a direct claim by a spouse for transfer of assets owned by a corporate entity. In the case in question, the husband was very wealthy and had full and effective control of a number of properties in various worldwide jurisdictions. The READ MORE

Neighbour disputes – some commonly asked questions


What can be done about noisy neighbours ? The first step that should be taken is to personally discuss the problem with your neighbours. If it is not possible to speak face-to-face with your neighbour because you feel uncomfortable, or for any other reason, you should send them a letter outlining the causes of the READ MORE

Extending a flat lease – process and legal requirements


Extending the Lease of a Residential Flat – The Initial Steps If you hold a long lease of a flat, you may be entitled to obtain an extended lease on payment of a premium. If the lease extension is successfully obtained, you have the legal right to be granted a new lease with a term READ MORE

Turkish Solicitors in London


With London and the UK having such a large and diverse population it’s no surprise that certain sections of the community, whether because of language, cultural or other reasons, prefer to obtain professional advice from someone from their own community. At Darlingtons, we have a diverse team of lawyers and support staff and are well READ MORE

Leasehold enfranchisement process


Leasehold Enfranchisement – the process following service of the initial notice  It is important to remember that the process of enfranchisement has only just begun when the Initial Notice has been served.  It is of paramount importance that the parties comply with the statutory timetable set down following service of the notice. What is the READ MORE

Residential landlord – responsibilities & rights


The issues surrounding Landlord and Tenant obligations and responsibilities are vast and in general due to either ignorance of the law or their obligations, the landlord is often found to be in the wrong. The main issues when dealing with tenants are failure to pay the rent or difficulty in evicting a tenant. The main READ MORE

Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 – questions answered


The Right of First Refusal – The Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 – What’s in it for you ? If a landlord is proposing to sell its interest in a building which contains flats to which the right of first refusal applies, the landlord is required by law to first offer its interest to the READ MORE

Restrictive covenants in property law


What is a restrictive covenant? A restrictive covenant is a legal obligation imposed in a document either created historically in relation to property or in a current transaction by the Seller on the Buyer of a property. The restriction will be to do or not to do something and once created, restrictive covenants are generally READ MORE