Sometimes the right Plan A is far better than having a Plan B


Lease plans legal problems In business we are frequently and correctly often advised to always have a Plan B in place. In many situations, that’s plain common sense. However, when it comes to property transactions, doing things the right way always make sense, notwithstanding this can lead to a degree of frustration where parties to READ MORE

Option Agreements


An option agreement is a set of terms and conditions between contracting parties which contains a provision to allow (but not oblige) a party to purchase, sell or otherwise gain a product at a certain price at a certain period of time. Share Option Agreements Commercially, such agreements are often used when dealing with shares. READ MORE

Tenancy at Will


A tenancy at will occurs when a landlord and a tenant agree that a tenant will be allowed to occupy a property before a lease has been issued. A tenancy at will is often granted when the landlord and tenant are in negotiations regarding a new lease. A tenancy at will means that the tenant READ MORE

Sinking funds for leasehold properties


What is a sinking fund? A sinking fund is an amount of money which is set aside to cover any major work which is needed on a property in the future. Such funds are quite common with leasehold properties. The fund is usually part of the service charge that is payable by each leaseholder and READ MORE

Additional costs when assigning, subletting or seeking licences


A frequent and understandable area of contention in commercial leases relates to additional and often unforeseen costs demanded by Landlords or their agents. I have lost count of the amount of times tenant clients are flabbergasted and infuriated by what they say as a form of legalised blackmail. Licence to assign The scenario often arises READ MORE

Contaminated Land


What is Contaminated Land? Contaminated land is land that is a potential hazard to the environment because it has been polluted usually due to industrial use which has now ceased such as power plants, rubbish sites, mining, factories, steelworks, refineries and other agricultural activities. What’s the legal risk ? Contaminated land issues usually arise in READ MORE

Arm’s length transactions


In order for a transaction to be considered at “arm’s-length”, there is a requirement that the involved parties are independent in nature and equal. When looking at “arms-length transactions” specifically in relation to contractual agreements, it is vital that different parties in an agreement maintain this independence. It may be the case that both parties READ MORE

Law is making a comeback


As anyone who has children or perhaps even a pet will know, making the rules is the easy bit. In the last 10-20 years, more statutes have been passed under English law, both civil and criminal, than perhaps ever before. Ask a small business about health & safety, data protection or employment law and the READ MORE

Ebay – the legal position


No question about it, I, like millions of others, love Ebay, and have used the site successfully many times in the last few years both for buying and selling, without a problem. This doesn’t stop me, as a lawyer, having some worries about the site and whether or not there are more problems and disputes READ MORE

Constructive trusts and property law


It is a common scenario these days, with unmarried couples, for one party to move into a  property which is solely owned by the other party. The relationship becomes a long term relationship lasting years or even decades and then the relationship breaks down. In these circumstances, what is the position of the party that READ MORE