How would I choose a solicitor ?


For the most part, people use solicitors out of necessity rather than choice. That’s the reality, notwithstanding that for most business, commercial property and employment law clients, things work much better and end up cheaper and less risky if the client takes regular advice, much like using an accountant. Choosing a solicitor isn’t easy – READ MORE

The 5 strangest places I have exchanged contracts


Just before the Christmas break, as I was running around trying to do ten different deals before the arbitrary December 24th deadline everyone had set, I ended up in a rather strange place exchanging contracts, not for the first time. It inspired me to list the 5 strangest places I have exchanged contracts. Most property READ MORE

Why content hubs are important for legal websites ?


I am proud of the Darlingtons web presence and glad that we have embraced the internet to such an extent, I believe, which sets us apart from many other law firms of our size. In our firm, we found that, almost as soon as we really started prioritising our site, more than 5 years ago, READ MORE

Shop leases – negotiating points when it all goes wrong


Walking down your local High Street can be quite depressing these days – in our local area, Edgware, in North West London, I can remember the days when it was almost impossible to lease a shop and where leases did become available, the tenant would normally need to pay a hefty premium. Even though our READ MORE

Solicitors for commercial property lease assignment


There are literally thousands of commercial property leases in London alone, ranging from offices to shops to industrial units, pubs, hotels and other specialist properties. Most commercial leases are fairly long term contracts, with most being 5-10 years in length, possibly with break clauses. It is common for businesses to outgrow premises or to want READ MORE

Old leases for flats in converted houses – watch out for problems


With a rapidly expanding population and shortage of housing, since the Second World War, many houses have been converted into flats. According to the Office of National Statistics, there are over 800,000 properties where houses have been converted into flats in England. The flats created have generally been sold off on long residential leases. In READ MORE

Libel on social media – interesting result


It is always worth remembering that the vast majority of legal disputes do not end up going to trial, which in turn means that most do not get reported. In fact, most cases decided at trial, especially in the County court, don’t get reported either. A feature of almost all cases that are settled is READ MORE

Invitation to tweet – top law firms not engaging on twitter ?


Everyone is talking about social media and whilst law firms are, to say the least, late adopters when it comes to marketing, even law firms are now generally very active on social media. As with almost every conceivable topic, there are a plethora of articles extolling the importance of social media. Here are just a READ MORE

Online legal searches – what are small businesses looking for ?


At Darlingtons, we can confidently say that we get the internet and we get the fact that there are a very significant number of people searching for law related materials online. Some lawyers still don’t get the internet – they don ‘t think that people use the internet for other than information searches and they READ MORE

Remember subject to contract until you have a fully agreed contract


A significant, although by no means only, benefit of instructing a lawyer is to rely on the lawyer’s understanding of the importance of using the right words in contracts and when to use them. When and why is it important to use “Subject to contract” in correspondence ? You don’t see these words on every READ MORE