Property lawyer’s thoughts on Brexit


The result all real estate solicitors feared came to pass last week. Now what? This is my view on the various sectors Residential domestic property I think we are in for a period of sustained inactivity here. Sellers won’t sell because prices will notionally drop. Buyer’s won’t buy for fear of taking on additional commitments READ MORE

Lessons in serving legal notices for commercial property


Technicalities and details matter generally in life but especially when it comes to legal matters. A recent case demonstrates the risks associated with timing and technicalities when it comes to commercial property – you can read the full reported case here. Our summary of the case is :- Dispute over validity of property lease break READ MORE

Why your lawyer’s personality matters


People tend to want to deal with people they like and this applies to clients and their lawyers. However, is that a good enough or important reason to choose a lawyer on that criteria online? Almost certainly not – clients use lawyers for important matters, often business critical or of vital personal importance. Competence is READ MORE

Pre-contract agreements – what, why, when?


As a lawyer and Chelsea supporter, I noted with interest the reports that Jose Mourinho has possibly signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United – reported here and here as well as in numerous other publications. A few quick points possibly of interest on this :- If correct, I would speculate that Manchester United, not READ MORE

Ransom strips


The inspiration for this short post was a recent discussion with a colleague. The colleague no longer practices property law but did so some years ago. He had rarely come across a ransom strip situation whereas I have quite commonly. A ransom strip is a small piece of land, generally strategically retained when a larger READ MORE

Title deeds – how important are they?


You’re about to sell your property and can’t find that file of papers sent to you by the conveyancing lawyer when you bought – a swell of panic slowly rises and you start thinking you have a big problem. Well, in most cases, YOU CAN RELAX. Title deeds not generally important for legal ownership due READ MORE

Absent freeholder – legal problems and solutions


Absent freeholders or landlords Although it has to be said there are some benefits to having an absentee freeholder when you are the leaseholder of a property, such as the quiet enjoyment of the property without the interference or even unreasonable demands of the landlord or the foregoing of hefty service charges, when it comes READ MORE

Shop leases – what’s on the legal shopping list?


Solicitors for a shop lease We regularly advise on leases for shop premises. This may include advising landlord or tenant, drafting of the commercial shop lease, advising on it, or legal advice on selling/transferring the shop lease or sub-letting. In addition, we advise on termination of shop premises leases or disputes between landlords and tenants. READ MORE

Why a small law firm may be right for you


Small business solicitors – the right fit? I guess our firm, in the general scheme of things, would be classified as small firm, even though we have more than 10 lawyers. We are one of at least a few hundred smaller law firms in London. Clients, first and foremost, tend to rely on personal recommendations READ MORE

How would I choose a solicitor ?


For the most part, people use solicitors out of necessity rather than choice. That’s the reality, notwithstanding that for most business, commercial property and employment law clients, things work much better and end up cheaper and less risky if the client takes regular advice, much like using an accountant. Choosing a solicitor isn’t easy – READ MORE