Trademark disputes


Recently, the musician and producer/singer Pharrell Williams were heavily engaged in a legal dispute over the latter’s use of the words “I am”. The name “” and the words “I AM” are registered trade marks of and his associated companies. Consequently when Pharrell Williams announced the name of his new business venture, “I READ MORE

Intellectual Property Rights – who owns IP, employer or employee ?


What is an intellectual property (IP) right? An intellectual property right (commonly abbreviated to IP) is a type of intangible property right.  Tangible property is physical things like cars, computers, phones etc.  These are legally known as chattels.  Intangible property is something that is creative and original – an idea that has not been replicated READ MORE

How to Trademark a Logo


One of the most distinctive aspects of your business, especially if you have a distinctive and recognisable business and brand, may be your logo and therefore it is understandable to want to attain as much security as possible. The best way to do this is to obtain a trade mark. A trade mark allows you READ MORE

Passing Off – basics of the law


The legal definition of passing off is where a person or business offers goods or services as another business or with the consent of someone else in a way that deceives the consumer into believing that they are buying the goods or services of that person or business that they trust and are familiar with. READ MORE