The linguistic signals in evidence (part 2)


Last week, I commented about the truth about lies in what is written. This article seeks to touch upon the truth about lies in what is said. Liars usually work very hard at constructing a convincing story to make sure that what is said is plausible. A good liar will stick to the truth of READ MORE

VAT fraud


Tax fraud is a very serious crime which has large negative consequences on all aspects of our society. The State collects taxes from people who are working and earning over a specific amount, and then reinvests this money back into society. One of the best examples of this is the NHS, which is funded through READ MORE

The linguistic signals of truth or lies in evidence


In my respectful submission, I believe that insightfulness of a Judge alludes not just to the facts presented to him, but the way it is said, both by verbal and non-verbal communication. A Judge must use all of his senses, to hear, see, smell, taste, and feel what is really going on in a dispute READ MORE

Electronic evidence, e-disclosure, search orders and new forms of disclosure orders


In case you did not know it, in the digital age, it has become easier, and not more difficult to trace electronic evidence. What is meant by the term ‘electronic evidence’? It means the storage, recording, or trace, of communications, images, voice recordings, etc…on all and any things electronic, albeit, an IPhone, and IPad, a READ MORE

A sophisticated music royalty fraud against ITunes


Internet fraudsters were part of a plot which involved using stolen credit card information in order to buy a number of songs off iTunes and Amazon, generating approximately £1 million in fake royalty payments. This scam carried on until iTunes noticed some anomalies and realised that it was paying a number of ‘unknown artists’ the READ MORE

Fraud – what do fraud solicitors do ?


Let me start by saying that the term ‘Fraud Lawyer’ does NOT mean a Lawyer who commits fraud… A. Fraud Defence Lawyer: When we speak of a Fraud Lawyer, it is usually in the context of a Lawyer who defends against Criminal Prosecutions, as a Defence Lawyer, which we do at Darlingtons. Let me start READ MORE

Fraud – a highly organised business enterprise


There have been 2 interesting Reports commissioned and published in the past few days. The first is the Annual Fraud Indicator, published earlier this month, by the National Fraud Authority, and the other is a research report of BAE Systems, Detica, and the John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety. According to Stephen Harrison, READ MORE

Options for pursuing a fraud case


There are generally 3 legal routes you can take if you have been the victim of fraud. 1.    You can do nothing at all On many occasions, I learn of people who were the victims of fraud, who did or said nothing because they felt silly or stupid for being conned. They were ashamed to READ MORE

Types of mobile phone fraud


Cellular fraud is defined as ‘the unauthorised use, tampering or manipulation of a cellular phone or service”, according to the Federal Communication Commission. The use of mobile phones is increasing. The use of mobile fraud increases accordingly. ‘SMiShing’ or ‘Smishing’ is usually an alarmist text sent to your mobile telephone, saying things such as: ‘There READ MORE