Does fraud matter? Why are so many frauds not prosecuted? What about Financial Incentives?‏


It is with a large degree of frustration that I write this blogpost. On a micro-scale, I am continually aware of a variety of cases of fraud committed and reported to the Police, with the promise of an investigation, but no progress or continuation. Why is this? 3 reasons spring to mind: 1. The Police READ MORE

New Kroll report on fraud


For any business unfamiliar with Kroll, it is an international, market leading investigative and business services company. The company produces a fascinating annual fraud report and has just published the latest version, which can be downloaded, after registering, here. We recommend all businesses should read this report. The Kroll Report is very useful on a READ MORE

Fraudit – a sound way to reduce the risk of business fraud


Fraud is a growing problem as is almost always the case in times of austerity. Some fraudsters are plain “wrong un’s”, others are opportunists, some have addiction issues and some act out of desperation. Regardless of the motive, if your business is the victim of a fraud, it could be the death knell. Most frauds READ MORE

Scavenger fraud scams – how to avoid and what to do if you are a victim


In a previous article, I wrote about the Boiler room fraud. As a brief re-cap, there are at least 3 people involved to dupe you out of your savings. A ‘fronter’, calls and makes the initial pitch. A ‘closer’, completes the deal, and a ‘verifier’, apparently checks that you are happy with the deal, and READ MORE

Property and construction industry fraud – the criminogenic organisation


Let me start with an unhappy but possible paradox that corporate entities/corporations/financial institutions, and their employees can be criminogenic – That is to say, a system, situation, or place causing or likely to cause or breed criminal behaviour. This was the view of Diane Vaughan, that organisations can be criminogenic, because they encourage loyalty, (1998) READ MORE

Occupational fraud report – what you need to know


The 2012 Bi-Annual Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse has just been published. It is an illuminating and an alarming report based on fraud cases investigated Worldwide. Occupational Fraud is defined by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners as: ‘The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or READ MORE

Exposure to fraud – risks from email usage and prevention tips


Could fraud ever arise in my business? In answering such a question, it invokes further questions to be asked as follows: Yes…There is always a possibility  The rhetorical question one must ask when defining the objective of fraud prevention is what makes us most vulnerable to fraud? What written and unwritten rules govern behaviour? What READ MORE

Landbanking fraud


Recent public interest has been triggered by some cases of note in the media. A television programme depicted an elderly man in his 80s, having been conned out of a significant sum of money, when the land he purchased was not worth more than 1/5th of what was paid, with no realistic prospects of the READ MORE

Use of Insolvency as a tool to recover sums obtained from Fraud, Part 2‏


This week’s article focuses upon the advantages and disadvantages of using such processes.  Advantages  Civil Courts tend to treat dishonesty with particular care, because of the stigma accompanying a finding of dishonesty, against a Defendant in a civil case. There appears to be some confusion as to the standard of proof to meet. In criminal READ MORE

Fraud via a corporate entity – some out of the box thinking


In order to establish the most cost-efficient way to effect best recovery from a Company who has through its Directors or others, acted fraudulently, the following issues need to be considered most carefully: Work out precisely the nature of the fraud committed against you; Avoid further losses being caused to you; Locate assets which were READ MORE