Top tips for tackling the tough divorce process


Whilst it is hoped that married couples may divorce amicably, in practice, it can be far from a friendly split. In my experience, being a divorce lawyer is not simply knowing the law; it’s also knowing and understanding clients and the emotional turbulence that invariably interferes with the divorce process. I frequently remind my clients READ MORE

Divorce – business assets entitlement and dividing assets


Business assets on divorce Sorting out financial entitlements on divorce can be complex and contentious especially where one spouse has business assets or there is a family business. Entitlement to business assets The difficulty often arises because the spouse that owns business assets will be well informed that the non-owning spouse will be able to READ MORE

Variation of financial orders on divorce


Circumstances change in life and that’s why divorce financial orders always include a provision for liberty to apply – in other words either party may apply to the court in future to alter the financial order. Where children are involved, for obvious reasons, it is more likely that a court might alter a previously made READ MORE

Is arbitration suitable for divorce ?


The answer is yes, but in the right circumstances – see below …… For some time now there has been an increasing trend, partly pushed for by the justice system but also recommended and encouraged by many lawyers, for mediation to be tried as part of divorce. It is true of many kinds of dispute READ MORE

Does your divorce lawyer know a good accountant ?


The majority of divorcing clients do not come to a lawyer just to have divorce process explained or for the paperwork to be completed in an uncontested divorce (although we can certainly help with that on a fixed fee and affordable basis). These days, due to the internet, most clients are quite well informed about READ MORE

8 reasons to consider mediation when divorcing


Some interesting survey results have been published today which indicate that the majority of people getting divorced still want to go to court. I am somewhat surprised by this figure, so thought I’d consider why this may be the case, and then offer some reasons why mediation or avoiding the courts might be a better READ MORE

The extraordinary and sad case of Young v Young


If you are getting divorced or, for that matter, involved in a business dispute, I would strongly recommend that you read the full transcript of the judgment handed down in the case of Young v Young. The case has already been well publicised due to it’s highly acrimonious and high value nature but foremost because READ MORE

International divorces


With the increase in movement of people around the EU and internationally over the past decade has come an increase in the number of international marriages and relationships and therefore inevitably an increase in the breakdown of those relationships. The breakdown of a relationship or marriage with an international element brings unique and sometimes complex READ MORE

Religious Divorce could become legally binding


In a landmark case decided by the High Court a Jewish couple have been given permission to agree their divorce settlement in the religious courts, by referring the matter back to their Rabbi. This is a huge development which may also have an impact on divorce under Sharia Law. Whilst settlement or decisions made in READ MORE

Divorce statistics


Here is a really interesting infographic about divorce in the UK. Of course, if you face a divorce situation, no amount of statistics is going to make you feel significantly better but these figures are interesting, appearing to show perhaps a trend for more divorce in less affluent areas of the country, that the peak READ MORE