Legal aspects of a family owned business


Many owner run SME’s are family owned and managed businesses. Whilst in the first generation this can often work well, as the ownership of the company is passed through to the next generation problems often occur. The lines between family and business can become blurred and relationships strained. Many family businesses grow organically over the READ MORE

Disqualification of company directors


The Courts have the power to disqualify a director under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986. This applies to individuals who are formally appointed as directors at Companies House, but also to shadow directors who are not formally appointed but act and/or carry out the functions of a director in any event. Risk factors for READ MORE

Negligent Misstatement


What constitutes a negligent misstatement? A negligent misstatement is a claim which is brought by one party against another at common law in tort. This claim arises if the party against whom the claim is brought made a statement which was considered to be negligent (Defendant) and the party bringing the claim (Claimant) relied on READ MORE

Legal breaches by Landlords on the increase


A recent study involving landlords in the Yorkshire area which was carried out by the Yorkshire based Letting Agent Linley and Simpson has shown a worrying increase in complaints being made against landlords due to breaches of the law. The level of complaints against landlords in this area has risen to five times higher when READ MORE

N1 Claim Form


The N1 Claim Form is the form that you are required to complete (in the majority of cases) if you intend to issue court proceedings.  Detailed particulars the basis of your claim will have to be provided, either in the form itself, or if there is not sufficient space on the form, as a separate READ MORE

Tips for avoiding a neighbour dispute


Trespass: Neighbour Disputes: Some tips as to how not to fall out with your neighbour 1. Maintain a friendly dialogue; 2. Do not assume how they may or may not act or react to what you propose to do and how you wish to do it; 3. Expect to compromise as to what you wish to READ MORE

Shared driveways


Predominently in the 1930s, many properties were built as semi-detached houses, with shared driveways leading to garages to the rear of their respective land. Car ownership was sparse, with the average car per household not being more than 1. Over the years, car ownership per household became greater and the size of cars became larger. READ MORE