Passing Off – basics of the law


The legal definition of passing off is where a person or business offers goods or services as another business or with the consent of someone else in a way that deceives the consumer into believing that they are buying the goods or services of that person or business that they trust and are familiar with. READ MORE

Disqualification of company directors


The Courts have the power to disqualify a director under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986. This applies to individuals who are formally appointed as directors at Companies House, but also to shadow directors who are not formally appointed but act and/or carry out the functions of a director in any event. Risk factors for READ MORE

What is Privity of Contract ?


The doctrine of Privity of Contract is applied in contract law and the general rule it creates is that only the actual parties to a contract have rights and obligations under it and thus the ability to bring a claim for a breach of contract under the terms and conditions of the contract. This doctrine READ MORE

Tips for preparing a business for sale


The Low Down on Selling your Business When you have reached the decision that it is time to sell your business, for whatever reason, the key to a successful sale is preparation. Be Prepared The first step in preparing for the sale of your business is to collect all the relevant information and documentation pertaining READ MORE

Practical tips for negotiating a business contract


When you are given the responsibility of negotiating business contracts on behalf of your company there are a number of factors which you will need to take into consideration to safeguard your business. If the contract you are negotiating is particularly large or complicated it would prove beneficial to seek the advice of a solicitor READ MORE