UK contract law – things to look out for


With business becoming ever more international, many non-UK businesses will enter into contracts with UK companies and will be bound by UK law (in fact English law as Scottish law is different).  Even where goods or services are not provided in the UK, it is in fact very common for international contracts, where one party READ MORE

Independent legal advice – get ahead of the game ?


English law, in fact any form of law, can seem very strange and frustrating at times, largely due to uncertainty. Clients tend to come to lawyers seeking certainty. Especially when it comes to contracts. However, sometimes, it isn’t possible to be as certain as we would like because the law will interfere in certain types READ MORE

Payment terms in contracts


One of the recurring themes we discuss on our blog is the pros and cons of template contracts. It is a reality that many very small businesses will seek the cheapest option for legal necessities and we understand the rationale. However, cheap almost invariably comes with risk. It is obvious that among the most important READ MORE

Business borrowings – stay alert !


The first stage of starting most businesses is focused on a single priority – survival. Some 35%% of start ups don’t make it through the first 2 years. If your business has reached the 2 year milestone, this suggests you have a great product or service and have understood the basics of running a business. READ MORE

Stage 2 of your business – think about ringfencing assets and liabilities


We’ve talked on this blog before about the current disconnect between small business clients and solicitors (solicitors need to position themselves as more affordable and more as a regular sounding board than for use when things go wrong and small business clients need to accept that legal experience and advice are important and should be READ MORE

Why do solicitors estimate costs ?


This post is not about sympathy, although I do hope it may help someone considering instructing a solicitor to understand the “other side of the coin”. The starting point – the legal market is competitive and most lawyers understand that there is a reality whereby clients view things differently and seek perceived proportionality on costs. READ MORE

Business legal problems – what’s the average monetary value ?


We are doing a number of blog posts this week based on the fascinating findings from some in-depth market research carried out earlier this year. Small businesses make up well over 90% of all businesses in the UK and few, if any, will go through a year, without facing some kind of legal problem, issue READ MORE

The right SME Solicitors for your SME


What does it mean to describe a business as a small to medium enterprise (SME) ? The vast majority of UK businesses fall into this category and there is no hard and fast definition, although Company law does offer a definition as follows :- Under Section 248 of the Companies Act of 1985  a company READ MORE

Legal tips for non-executive directors


A non-executive director (NEDs) is a member of a company’s board of directors but generally such directors are not part of the day-to-day management team, are not employees and typically offer part time external oversight. However, technically, non-executives are still registered as directors and have legal accountability. The purpose of bringing in non-executives is to READ MORE

Litigation – the improbability of victory and its unacceptable cost


The title for this post contains an excerpt from a quote by the famous military General and writer on war Claude von Clausewitz. It’s an excellent summary of what so often happens in civil litigation of any kind. Good legal advice is not always what a client wants to hear; it most certainly should not READ MORE