Growing your business – private investment advantages and pitfalls


Private equity and investment legal advice For businesses requiring additional finance, venture capital (also known as private equity finance) may be an attractive option. It may be that you have sought but can’t obtain bank finance, perhaps you are looking for experienced investors in a specialist business, you may be looking to push through a READ MORE

Have channel 4 forgotten the yeast when buying the Bake Off rights?


Sometimes real life situations which genuinely impact people offer the easiest and best way to demonstrate important legal issues which can otherwise seem remote or dry. Let’s face it, people care about Bake Off! It looks as though Channel 4 are in a pickle – a vital ingredient in the show, the rights to which READ MORE

Timing is everything with contract law


Well, not exactly – I am exaggerating of course. But, timing and issues of time are important in most contracts and an essential item to consider when drafting and negotiating. Time of the essence in contract? There are many statutes which apply to business where time stipulations make clear what each party’s rights and responsibilities READ MORE

When is it legally valid to terminate a contract?


Unfortunately, like most legal matters, there are numerous things to consider. However, to give you a basic idea, you firstly need to consider whether the contract was actually breached. Contracts are for the most part written down, but they can develop over time according to the surrounding circumstances. Material breach of contract For you to READ MORE

Try mediation before litigation


The process of commercial mediation is often overlooked in a potential or actual litigation situation. There seem to be several reasons for this, firstly that in a litigation situation, matters, even in a business context, can become very personal very quickly, and positions become entrenched. Secondly, there appears to be a lack of understanding of READ MORE

Buying a business – practical considerations


Top legal tips on buying a business Good commercial lawyers are much more than just experienced contract  drafting experts – clients should expect more, including good commercial experience and strategic and practical thinking and strong negotiating skills. If you need a lawyer in London for advice on a business purchase, we’d love to talk to READ MORE

Establishing business and legal risks and objectives with clients


Lots of lawyers and legal websites harp on about being “commercial”, but what does this mean in reality ? It can mean understanding that legal advice is not just about law, it also includes good business advice. It also tends to mean that costs should be proportionate to the business and legal risk perceived by READ MORE

Senior executive employees – do you feel sorry for David Moyes ?


As a lifelong Chelsea supporter, on pure football terms I am happy to see the stark decline of Manchester United, but I can’t help but feel sorry for David Moyes. Many senior employees in all types of business can face situations where they may take flak from internal stakeholders or perhaps public or even regulatory READ MORE

Should debt recovery be to lawyers as PAYE is to accountants ?


Regular and repeat business is the lifeblood of most businesses, in 2 respects :- predictable and ongoing revenue streams allow for good financial planning and a degree of stability regular contact with clients creates loyalty and an ongoing relationship I thought of doing this post due to a brief conversation I had over the christmas/New READ MORE

Closing a limited company


The law on closing down a company Although a limited company can be established in a matter of hours in the UK, and for as little as £50-£100, closing down a limited company is considerably more complex. The best method applicable to closing down a limited company depends on whether that company is solvent or READ MORE