The problems that can arise with wills and cause disputes


Will disputes When someone dies, they do so either, with, (testate), or without (intestate), a Will. Aside from the various Tax considerations and savings that could possibly be made by writing a Will, various problems can arise. This article only explores some of the problems encountered with a written Will. For a Will to be READ MORE

Landbanking fraud


Recent public interest has been triggered by some cases of note in the media. A television programme depicted an elderly man in his 80s, having been conned out of a significant sum of money, when the land he purchased was not worth more than 1/5th of what was paid, with no realistic prospects of the READ MORE

Email monitoring in the workplace


I’m delighted to say that my latest blog post on email monitoring has been published by Chrissie Lightfoot on her excellent site Entrepreneur Lawyer. Chrisse is highly respected and well liked and a very active member of the online legal community and as a consultant and public speaker on legal trends. You can find my READ MORE

Use of Insolvency as a tool to recover sums obtained from Fraud, Part 2‏


This week’s article focuses upon the advantages and disadvantages of using such processes.  Advantages  Civil Courts tend to treat dishonesty with particular care, because of the stigma accompanying a finding of dishonesty, against a Defendant in a civil case. There appears to be some confusion as to the standard of proof to meet. In criminal READ MORE

Fraud via a corporate entity – some out of the box thinking


In order to establish the most cost-efficient way to effect best recovery from a Company who has through its Directors or others, acted fraudulently, the following issues need to be considered most carefully: Work out precisely the nature of the fraud committed against you; Avoid further losses being caused to you; Locate assets which were READ MORE

Twitter trolls – how to deal with harassment


Let me start by taking you to a place far far away. A place in cyber-space where all is not as it seems. Where people can pretend they are super-heroes, or have Avatars. No one watching can easily access their real names, or real jobs which makes it all the more sinister when someone who READ MORE

The linguistic signals in evidence (part 2)


Last week, I commented about the truth about lies in what is written. This article seeks to touch upon the truth about lies in what is said. Liars usually work very hard at constructing a convincing story to make sure that what is said is plausible. A good liar will stick to the truth of READ MORE

The linguistic signals of truth or lies in evidence


In my respectful submission, I believe that insightfulness of a Judge alludes not just to the facts presented to him, but the way it is said, both by verbal and non-verbal communication. A Judge must use all of his senses, to hear, see, smell, taste, and feel what is really going on in a dispute READ MORE

Electronic evidence, e-disclosure, search orders and new forms of disclosure orders


In case you did not know it, in the digital age, it has become easier, and not more difficult to trace electronic evidence. What is meant by the term ‘electronic evidence’? It means the storage, recording, or trace, of communications, images, voice recordings, etc…on all and any things electronic, albeit, an IPhone, and IPad, a READ MORE

The Bribery Act – nearly 1 year on, is anything clearer ?


The Bribery Act 2011 came into force on 1st July 2011. Section 9 of the Bribery Act required the Secretary of State to publish guidance about procedures to prevent people associated with them from bribing. I postulate that the main objective of the Bribery Act, and guidance, is to create an anti-bribery culture at all READ MORE