Does fraud matter? Why are so many frauds not prosecuted? What about Financial Incentives?‏


It is with a large degree of frustration that I write this blogpost. On a micro-scale, I am continually aware of a variety of cases of fraud committed and reported to the Police, with the promise of an investigation, but no progress or continuation. Why is this? 3 reasons spring to mind: 1. The Police READ MORE

Libel on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+


Author: David Rosen Let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong whatsoever in Liking, favouriting, posting, tweeting, or retweeting this blogpost. You can rely upon what I am saying up to a certain extent. It all depends upon what you say, how you say it, when you say it, what it refers or READ MORE

Don’t play games in the courts


There is a concept in law known as equity and the courts can sometimes use equitable principles of discretion to assist in civil cases. It is important to note that equity, which is a historical common law doctrine associated with fairness, does not apply to all cases, but for obvious reasons, it can be very READ MORE

Bribery Act offences – no plea bargain possible


Those that watch the many available US based crime dramas on tv will be familiar with the US concept of plea bargaining. In essence, provide information or plead guilty to a lesser offence and it may be possible to negotiate a less severe criminal sentence. There is no equivalent to plea bargaining in the UK, READ MORE

New Kroll report on fraud


For any business unfamiliar with Kroll, it is an international, market leading investigative and business services company. The company produces a fascinating annual fraud report and has just published the latest version, which can be downloaded, after registering, here. We recommend all businesses should read this report. The Kroll Report is very useful on a READ MORE

Setting aside a County Court Judgment


At Darlingtons, we understand and empathise with clients in the difficult issue, not least financial, as to whether to instruct solicitors or try to deal with litigation themselves. However, as a recent case graphically illustrates, law and legal issues are generally complex, not only in terms of the law but the procedural rules in court. READ MORE

Judging whether to pursue a debt through the courts


A debtor owes your business money and you need the debt paid. Of course you do and so you should. Not only do you need to get the debt paid as your business may well need that money for cashflow but you also want the debt paid. This is the psychological element of any dispute READ MORE

Additional mention in the Sunday Times


In my post earlier this week attaching a copy of last weekend’s Sunday times I was unaware that I had also been mentioned in another publication of the paper, so for those interested in the issue of online harassment, abuse and trolling, here is another interesting article from the paper. Tweet focus   READ MORE

Fraudit – a sound way to reduce the risk of business fraud


Fraud is a growing problem as is almost always the case in times of austerity. Some fraudsters are plain “wrong un’s”, others are opportunists, some have addiction issues and some act out of desperation. Regardless of the motive, if your business is the victim of a fraud, it could be the death knell. Most frauds READ MORE

The Sunday Times – comment on trolling


I was delighted to be asked by the Sunday Times to comment on the issue of online bullying, harassment and potential defamation, also known as trolling. As readers of this blog will know, this is a subject which I am passionate and feel strongly about. It is a scourge on society and a strong line READ MORE