Deferred Prosecution Agreements : DPAs


D Rosen What is a DPA? A DPA is an agreement reached between a commercial organisation and a prosecutor, whereby a prosecutor agrees to suspend/defer prosecution on condition that a commercial organisation agrees for a specified period of time, to comply with various measures set, and perhaps to pay a fine, or agree to confiscation READ MORE

Lies, deceit and other false statements


D Rosen ‘There is a smile of love, And there is a smile of deceit, And there is a smile of smiles In which these two smiles meet’ – William Blake You can say, and do things which cause others to react in certain ways. What and how you deliver a statement, and what and READ MORE

Contempt of Court PART II: What happens when you upset a magistrate or a lawyer in court ? The lighter side


D Rosen Last week, I discussed part of the Court’s weaponry for breaches of an Injunction coupled with a penal notice, to make a finding of contempt of court, and fine and/or imprison the contemnor. This week, I consider another aspect of the Contempt of Court Act 1981, namely offences of contempt against Magistrates, or READ MORE

Contempt of Court Part I: Contempt for breach of an Injunction


D Rosen The aim of this article is to consider certain aspects of Contempt of Court, acting in breach of an Injunction,  and the consequences of doing so. Contempt of Court is governed by the Contempt of Court Act 1981, otherwise known as statutory contempt, as opposed to common law contempt, although common law contempt READ MORE

David Rosen is a Super Lawyer !


Many clients and those that deal with David will know that he is a great lawyer already, but we are delighted to announce that David has been selected as a Super lawyer for 2013 by the increasingly influential Thomson Reuters publication of the same name. The Superlawyers concept, to select and rate leaders in legal READ MORE

Options for prosecuting fraud


Here is the second instalment in my series of video interviews on Askimo TV. I was asked about the options, both civil and criminal, for pursuing a fraud claim. As I explain, when it comes to pursuing a civil action, as with any such case, it’s vital to look at enforceability. I hope you enjoy READ MORE

Evening Standard article


I am delighted to have been mentioned in yesterday’s Evening Standard newspaper. Aside from my personal pleasure, the article concerned is worth reading for not only divorce lawyers but also civil and criminal litigators and fraud experts also. The recent cases relating to assets being hidden and/or dissipated in divorces involving wealthy couples are indicative READ MORE

Practical fraud prevention via background checks and understanding fraud psychology


In last week’s blogpost, I discussed a case study, based on a true case, which I was asked to consider and advise upon, involving fraud, theft, and moonlighting. A comment was made on Twitter, that if that particular employee had been vetted in the first place, then he would not have been employed, and the READ MORE

Fraud at Work: Occupational Fraud: A case study


A true case. A sole-trader (let’s call him ‘Bob’), trades on the Internet, selling outdoor goods. Business is good, and his business expands. No longer can Bob keep his stock of outdoor goods in his garage, and so he rents another garage. Business continues to grow, and once more he expands his stock and purchases READ MORE

Expenses fraud – possible liability and ways to prevent


Expenses falsified? In a business, employees are sometimes given a Company or business credit card. Sometimes, an employee has incurred expenses personally for the benefit of their employer, which they expect to recoup back from their employer. There is nothing wrong in claiming back for expenses incurred personally by you, or on behalf of your READ MORE