Property sale and purchase fall throughs


Moving house, buying or selling, is inherently stressful and one of the worst aspects is the prospect of the transaction falling through, also known as an abortive sale or purchase. Under the English legal system, unless and until contracts are formally exchanged, either party can back out of the transaction without penalty, unless there is READ MORE

Boundary problems and Land Registry plans


When buying property, ownership of the vast majority of property and land is conclusively determined, under the Registered Land system, by the Land Registry, which is a Government body. If the Land Registry title is incorrect, a buyer has the assurance that the Government is liable. However, it is important to be aware that whilst READ MORE

Caveat emptor, misrepresentation and ensuing conveyancing frustration !


Following on from my blog post last week about conveyancing, one particular area causing inherent delay and frustration for buyers or sellers is pre-contract enquiries. From a seller perspective, having instructed their solicitor, the sellers will be asked to complete a number of pro forma forms with lots of questions about the property and it’s READ MORE

Conveyancing costs – a transparent guide


With conveyancing there are often inherent anxieties, misunderstandings and frustrations for clients, who understandably see the process as getting from “a to z” as quickly as possible. Whilst I do not expect clients to fully understand or appreciate what is involved in the legal aspects of buying or selling a property, it can be frustrating READ MORE

Changing conveyancing forms, will it lead to faster and better conveyancing ?


The Law Society is in the process of gathering input from solicitors in addition to the wider sector of residential conveyancing in order to try and discuss ways to improve the processes of property buying and selling, but will the changes work or just add longer forms and more frustration to the process ? Proposed READ MORE

The view from estate agents


We’re interested in ensuring that our blog is helpful to all clients and potential clients or those interested in law and legal issues, so we welcome input from others who are involved in the work we do – after all, when it comes to conveyancing, estate agents and mortgage brokers are integral to the process, READ MORE

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme


Figures from the Land Registry for 2011 show that the number of law firms conducting conveyancing is contracting hugely.  1300 fewer firms  made applications for registration in 2011 compared to 2010. That trend is likely to continue for a number of reasons. 1. Numerous lenders are cutting down the size of their solicitor panels. In READ MORE