Assignment of a contract


The concept of assignment applies to many types of contracts ranging from business contracts to property contracts and to personal legal issues such as life insurance policies also. Assignment is simply the legal term for transferring legal rights in a contract, but it is crucial to understand from the outset that it relates to rights READ MORE

When Reputation Just Isn’t Enough – Establishing Goodwill in Passing Off Claims


The tort of “passing off” has long been an essential dimension for people to protect their intellectual property (“IP”) rights. Unlike the registration requirements for trade marks and design rights to bring any claim under those rights, the tort of passing off can be established in any claim provided the legal threshold is reached. The READ MORE

Share Purchase Agreements


Solicitors for a share purchase agreement Share purchase agreements are often complex documents which can become lengthy and create significant delay, friction and cost if not dealt with by experienced, business minded and practical solicitors for both buyer and seller. Ultimately, good solicitors must understand that the cost of advice and risk assessment must be READ MORE

Legal advice on directors loans


Directors loans – are they legal? A directors loan is where a company director takes money out of the company which does not take the form of a salary or a dividend. Additionally, the money you have taken out is greater than any other payments you have made into the account. If this account is READ MORE

Going home empty-handed – The pitfalls of departing from LLP’s without an LLP Agreement


It is a surprising legal lacuna that current legislation provides little guidance for a Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”) member or partner wishing to leave their LLP when no LLP agreement is in place. While a range of options still exist for this situation, many of them depend on the co-operation of the remaining LLP member(s), READ MORE

How to avoid a breach of contract situation


It is important to have an agreement / contract in place to ensure all parties are aware of their obligations under the agreement but also to legislate for what happens if one party breaches the agreement. Get the right contract and act consistently Before considering remedies, it’s important to reflect on the topic generally. Whilst READ MORE

Growing your business – private investment advantages and pitfalls


Private equity and investment legal advice For businesses requiring additional finance, venture capital (also known as private equity finance) may be an attractive option. It may be that you have sought but can’t obtain bank finance, perhaps you are looking for experienced investors in a specialist business, you may be looking to push through a READ MORE

Buying a business – practical considerations


Buying other businesses to grow your own is an attractive proposition in many ways and for many reasons, especially if the strategy includes buying competitors. However, any merger or acquisition is inherently complex for reasons outside of the strict financial logic and benefits. Among many issues to consider are :- READ MORE

Why small businesses need lawyers more than big businesses


Isn’t life just full of ironies …. it’s a fact that a very significant proportion of small businesses don’t regularly use solicitors, generally due to the cost and an approach based on perceiving other priorities as more important. But it’s also correct that the smallest businesses probably benefit more from having the right contracts and READ MORE

Commercial agents – avoiding disputes


We have experience acting for Principals and Agents at various stages of  legal disputes and proceedings across various industries. Get the right agreement with a commercial agent to avoid a dispute later Parties should obtain advice prior to entering into a relationship which may, or may not, amount to an agency. They need to consider READ MORE