Cease and desist letters – take care


A carefully worded legal letter can result in a swift and satisfactory resolution but a badly worded letter can result in lost credibility, ongoing litigation and may even hold significant evidential weight against you at a full court trial. The above is why a cease and desist letter should only be drafted and sent in READ MORE

Informal lease extensions – the lowdown


Strictly speaking there is no such thing as an informal lease extension – what I mean by this is that there has to be a degree of formality, legal paperwork, time and cost involved in any extension of a long residential lease. The issue therefore is how to minimise cost and save time and it’s READ MORE

Freelance contracts – it’s all in the detail


Solicitors for freelancer contract Are you a freelancer who needs a contract for a project or a general freelance contract template? Perhaps you are a business using a freelancer and you need to ensure things are very clear and you understand what you are getting and are legally covered. Either way, we hope what follows READ MORE

Cohabitation Agreements


With more and more relationships, including very long term relationships, being outside of marriage, it’s always important to think about legal issues and the future. Very much like wills (where no-one actually wants to think about death) it isn’t always a comfortable feeling talking about what happens if things don’t work out in a relationship. READ MORE

Non compete contracts – getting the balance right


“Signed, sealed and delivered”  – getting an agreement signed off is generally seen as a clear result and reassurance that you have got what you want and/or protected yourself and/or your business. Often the above is largely correct and without the whole process of negotiating and drafting contracts, lawyers would be out of business! But READ MORE

Licence for alterations


At Darlingtons we get a lot of enquiries and instructions about residential lease issues relating to flat owners with long residential leases. Licence to alter – why needed? The first point to be aware of is terminology, there can be confusion about whether there are any differences between a deed of variation and a licence READ MORE

Investment Agreements – what to consider


With so many exciting fast growing technology and other companies now in the UK and worldwide, many of these businesses are looking for investment through non-traditional routes, so private equity investment agreements have become more common than ever. An investment agreement can take many forms – for a very early stage business which may only READ MORE

Share of freehold lease extension


With houses converted into flats on long leases, it is common for the flat owners to also have a share of the freehold. This is typically because the owner, when the property was a house, would have extracted most of the value of the property by converting into flats. Selling those and retaining the freehold READ MORE

Termination letter – context is everything


Termination letters At Darlingtons we believe we have a good grasp of the current legal market, changes and client thinking. We understand why businesses and individuals are wary of speaking to lawyers and spending money on legal fees. This often results in attempts at DIY law, googling for a solution and seeking where possible, a READ MORE

Growing your business – private investment advantages and pitfalls


Private equity and investment legal advice For businesses requiring additional finance, venture capital (also known as private equity finance) may be an attractive option. It may be that you have sought but can’t obtain bank finance, perhaps you are looking for experienced investors in a specialist business, you may be looking to push through a READ MORE