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Selling Your Business – Should you agree to an Asset Sale or Share Sale?


“Hi, I am thinking of selling my business and have a few questions…” When considering a sale of your business, there are many considerations to factor into the equation. Common questions asked include: When is the right time to sell my business? … How much is my business worth? … How long will it take READ MORE

Due diligence – Mergers, Acquisitions, Disposals and Investments


As a Buyer, once you have decided to acquire a business, you will want to ensure its success and specifically, the longer-term integration of the new business. A large number of acquisitions fail to meet expected targets and some high-profile disasters have brought the issue of acquisition strategy, planning, management and post-acquisition considerations sharply into READ MORE

10 good reasons to have a Shareholders Agreement


Anyone who’s set up their own business knows what a heady mix of excitement and trepidation that inspires. Embarking on a joint venture with a friend or business partner requires constant commitment and cooperation for a chance of success. Much like entering a marriage contract, nobody wants to consider what might happen if things were READ MORE

Buying a business – practical considerations


Top legal tips on buying a business Good commercial lawyers are much more than just experienced contract  drafting experts – clients should expect more, including good commercial experience and strategic and practical thinking and strong negotiating skills. If you need a lawyer in London for advice on a business purchase, we’d love to talk to READ MORE

Freelance contracts – it’s all in the detail


Solicitors for freelancer contract Are you a freelancer who needs a contract for a project or a general freelance contract template? Perhaps you are a business using a freelancer and you need to ensure things are very clear and you understand what you are getting and are legally covered. Either way, we hope what follows READ MORE

Demergers and business splits


Merging 2 business entities into 1 can create a robust corporate body which is capable of achieving more than struggling single units could ever accomplish on their own. However, sometimes, the converse is called for and splitting a single company into independent business groups presents a more profitable prospect. Splitting a business can create either READ MORE

COVID-19: I need to make a will but cannot leave the house to give my solicitor instructions.


The World Health Organisation has declared Covid-19 (a strain of the Coronavirus) to be a pandemic. The situation is developing on a more than daily basis as has been seen by the Prime Minister’s now daily press briefings. Unfortunately, we understand that the pandemic has yet to reach its peak but already we are seeing READ MORE

Tips for preparing a business for sale


The Low Down on Selling your Business When you have reached the decision that it is time to sell your business, for whatever reason, the key to a successful sale is preparation. Be Prepared The first step in preparing for the sale of your business is to collect all the relevant information and documentation pertaining READ MORE

Merger & Acquisition legal advice


Mergers & Acquisitions Mergers and acquisitions is a legal and business term that refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, financing and project management of buying, selling or restructuring different legal entities. Mergers and acquisitions are particularly relevant to rapidly expanding businesses that want to establish themselves in new business fields or geographical locations without READ MORE

What happens when you die without making a Will?


Where there is no will When a person dies without making a Will, or has made a Will but the Will was classified as invalid they are said to have died ‘intestate’. When this happens the distribution of their estate will be determined by the Rules of Intestacy. Rules of Intestacy The rules of intestacy READ MORE