Film fraud, tax avoidance, footballers, and retrospective legislation


D Rosen 1. Tax relief to investors in the British film industry: Some years ago, the Treasury opted to attract investors into the British film industry by offering tax relief to offset losses by investors against other tax liabilities. Such tax schemes also attracted a number of opportunists to exploit such tax advantages by appearing READ MORE

Sham Marriages


D Rosen What is a sham marriage? A sham marriage, or a paper marriage, or a marriage of convenience, is when two people give the impression they want to live permanently together in a marriage or civil partnership, when this is not true. They are not in a real relationship. The apparent relationship can be READ MORE

Going home empty-handed – The pitfalls of departing from LLP’s without an LLP Agreement


It is a surprising legal lacuna that current legislation provides little guidance for a Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”) member or partner wishing to leave their LLP when no LLP agreement is in place. While a range of options still exist for this situation, many of them depend on the co-operation of the remaining LLP member(s), READ MORE

Top tips for tackling the tough divorce process


Whilst it is hoped that married couples may divorce amicably, in practice, it can be far from a friendly split. In my experience, being a divorce lawyer is not simply knowing the law; it’s also knowing and understanding clients and the emotional turbulence that invariably interferes with the divorce process. I frequently remind my clients READ MORE

Darlingtons team to take part in London Legal Walk


If you happen to see a bunch of strange people in suits doing laps walking around Edgware or the local area in the next few weeks, don’t panic, it’s likely to be the Darlingtons “walkers” practising and limbering up for the 10k London Legal Walk charity event on Monday 18th May 2015. We’re proud to READ MORE

Domestic violence legal advice


D Rosen A fresh report published this morning by the charity ‘Safe Lives’, has produced the following findings: 85% of people who suffer domestic violence, suffer on average 50 incidents over a period of three years before doing something about it. 23% of victims have been to Accident and Emergency with injuries. Professionals miss an READ MORE

Inspiring the next generation of lawyers


We were delighted to be invited to Canon’s High School Careers fair last night – a great turn out from lots of others businesses and employers of all types in all sectors, and to be able to meet with young people looking to their futures and what career path they may follow. Judging by the READ MORE

Money sent in full and final settlement – what if it’s not the full amount?


Let us postulate that there is a dispute between two parties, and one wants to settle by sending a cheque being an amount he feels is sufficient to compromise the dispute between them. Is that enough to settle a matter? Was there a letter with the cheque? If so, what did it say? Did you READ MORE

Common law marriage – the myth, the reality, the solution


The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that the number of cohabiting couples has doubled over the past 20 years, to an astounding 5.9 million; 20% of whom have no intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the future. Despite this substantial increase, there remains a common public misconception that cohabiting couples READ MORE

Pre and Post nuptial agreements – a few key pointers.


It has been an interesting journey for those who have entered in to pre and post nuptial agreements over the last 5 years. The law relating to Nuptial Agreements has developed following the Supreme Court decision in Radmacher – V – Granatino when it was decided that when considering the role of the Nuptial Agreement READ MORE