Summary judgment – why it’s rarely as straightforward as it may seem


Clients often come to me with what looks like an “open and shut” case. They have a clear contract and the other party is clearly in breach. They want their damages and they want them quick. After advising of the inherent risks, not least on enforceability of a judgment in practical terms, if the client READ MORE

Why content hubs are important for legal websites ?


I am proud of the Darlingtons web presence and glad that we have embraced the internet to such an extent, I believe, which sets us apart from many other law firms of our size. In our firm, we found that, almost as soon as we really started prioritising our site, more than 5 years ago, READ MORE

How to deal with legal issues associated with dementia


Background – dementia is a big issue in the UK and growing There are over 800,000 people in the UK with dementia (Alzheimer’s Research Trust 2010) and many are undiagnosed. The illness impacts both men and women. Whilst dementia is associated with older people and the risk increases with age, there are nearly 20,000 people READ MORE

Solicitors for commercial property lease assignment


There are literally thousands of commercial property leases in London alone, ranging from offices to shops to industrial units, pubs, hotels and other specialist properties. Most commercial leases are fairly long term contracts, with most being 5-10 years in length, possibly with break clauses. It is common for businesses to outgrow premises or to want READ MORE

Defences to a breach of contract claim


There are a number of ways in which defendants respond to receiving a breach of contract claim – some are tactical and some are legal. I should also make it clear, that, as regards some of the tactics adopted, I am not as such recommending these since some may be considered unethical. Having said this, READ MORE

Instructing a UK Solicitor from abroad


Due to our strong online presence and visibility, we regularly receive enquiries from prospective clients abroad and always welcome those enquiries and instructions. Many of our enquiries are business related, others are for personal legal matters. We all live in a far more mobile world and it is much more common for people and businesses READ MORE

Property co-ownership disputes – the trust for sale


We always advise strongly, when a property is bought jointly, and where the parties are not married, that as part of the transaction a co-ownership deed is entered into. Like wills, these documents are at the more inexpensive part of legal advice, often costing less than £250.00 plus VAT. There are many compelling reasons why READ MORE

Redundancy criteria – is it possible to be too fair ?


Employers often are concerned and confused during the troubling process and decision that staff must be made redundant. Many employers are now more aware that an exercise of simply approaching selection for redundancy on the basis of “last in first out” would rarely, if ever, be considered sufficient legally, however logical it may appear. Employers READ MORE

Legal workshops – the best way to use a solicitor for your small business in 2013 ?


If you’re a small business owner reading this post, you may have, in common with the vast majority of businesses in the UK, less than 20 employees. Those employees, whilst being your best business asset, are also your biggest business risk. Most small businesses, when using solicitors, will do so to get the right paperwork READ MORE

Do judgments mean anything anymore ?


I was really taken aback this week to read that over 50% of successful applicants at the Employment Tribunal do not receive part or all of the amount awarded. Frankly, this makes something of a mockery of our civil justice legal system but not only that, what does it say about our society ? What’s READ MORE