What does EU law say about inheritance rights?


In August 2015 new succession rules known as Brussels IV came into force in the EU with the aim of harmonising succession rules across the EU. EU inheritance rights – residence. nationality or something else? Prior to this, each European country had its own rules governing which law would apply to the succession of a READ MORE

Inheritance dependancy – what constitutes reasonable provision ?


Excluded from a will? With today’s more fractured and complicated family relationships, it is fairly common for those making wills, for whatever reason they see fit, to exclude relatives. In that situation, an aggrieved and dependant relation may apply to have the deceased’s wishes overturned but this will depend on 3 factors :- establishing genuine READ MORE

Disputes over wills – what, why and tips to avoid


The Independent reported earlier this week that the number of disputes over wills that reach the High Court had markedly increased due to evolving relationship and economic pressures. The Independent quote a rise of 700% in these types of claims and that challenges relating to the validity of wills has almost gone up by 50%. READ MORE

The cost of probate – fascinating insights from market research


Unfortunately, as any adult will tell a child “money doesn’t grow on trees” and to coin another cliche, there is no such thing as a “free lunch” and dying is no exception. Historical research has shown that for understandable psychological reasons perhaps, a significant proportion, upwards of 30%, do not make wills and many do READ MORE

Tips for executors of a will


Below are some of the more common questions we are asked by executors. What is the legal role of an executor? An executor’s role is to collect in assets, pay debts and then distribute the estate of the deceased as specified in their will. How is an executor chosen for the role? The deceased normally READ MORE

What happens when you die without making a Will?


Where there is no will When a person dies without making a Will, or has made a Will but the Will was classified as invalid they are said to have died ‘intestate’. When this happens the distribution of their estate will be determined by the Rules of Intestacy. Rules of Intestacy The rules of intestacy READ MORE