Divorce Consent Orders – Important? Necessary?


The Supreme Court’s decision in Wyatt v Vince should serve as a reminder to divorcing couples that financial settlements should be finalised at the time of the divorce. Most clients, sensibly seek to resolve the financial aspect of the divorce through mediation or by negotiations, keeping court involvement and legal costs to a minimum. The READ MORE

Top tips for tackling the tough divorce process


Whilst it is hoped that married couples may divorce amicably, in practice, it can be far from a friendly split. In my experience, being a divorce lawyer is not simply knowing the law; it’s also knowing and understanding clients and the emotional turbulence that invariably interferes with the divorce process. I frequently remind my clients READ MORE

Common law marriage – the myth, the reality, the solution


The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that the number of cohabiting couples has doubled over the past 20 years, to an astounding 5.9 million; 20% of whom have no intention to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the future. Despite this substantial increase, there remains a common public misconception that cohabiting couples READ MORE

Trademark disputes


Recently, the musician will.i.am and producer/singer Pharrell Williams were heavily engaged in a legal dispute over the latter’s use of the words “I am”. The name “will.i.am” and the words “I AM” are registered trade marks of will.i.am and his associated companies. Consequently when Pharrell Williams announced the name of his new business venture, “I READ MORE