Summary judgment – why it’s rarely as straightforward as it may seem


Clients often come to me with what looks like an “open and shut” case. They have a clear contract and the other party is clearly in breach. They want their damages and they want them quick. After advising of the inherent risks, not least on enforceability of a judgment in practical terms, if the client READ MORE

Repudiatory Breach of contract


What is a repudiatory breach? Repudiatory breaches are serious breaches in a contractual relationship. A repudiatory breach of contract is one that is so serious that it entitles the innocent party to the contract to terminate it. This type of breach can take place in any type of contract whether it is between and employer READ MORE

What is a Charging Order?


Charging orders and orders for property sale A Charging Order is one of a number of enforcement methods available to Creditors to enforce judgment debts.  A Charging Order can only be applied for where a Creditor has obtained court judgment, the court has determined that a Debtor owes money to the Creditor, and the Debtor READ MORE

Breach of planning, enforcement and some severe penalties


PLANNING ENFORCEMENT AND THE PROCEEDS OF CRIME ACT  2002 Local Planning Authorities (LPA) are increasingly and successfully applying for Confiscation orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 which gives them powers to confiscate any financial gains which are made as a result of breach of planning control. If an Enforcement Notice is validly served READ MORE