Setting up a share of freehold property company – the legal issues to consider


Freehold property management company – when and why? Property management companies are often formed where the freehold is sold off to the leaseholders and where the freeholder will be responsible for management. Freehold management companies typically occur with a small block of flats or a converted house and the leaseholders each have shares in the READ MORE

Dismissing a company director


When considering the dismissal of any employee there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration and correct procedure must be followed. Is the director an employee? A key question to begin is – is the director an employee? Some directors are employees and some are self employed. It is likely there READ MORE

Better to spend money on legal fees than business insurance ?


Insurance is big business and there’s no doubt that every business needs insurance, not least because it’s compulsory by law to have Employers liability and Public liability. Other types of insurance, such as Property insurance cover are also more or less mandatory if you have a mortgage and of course are critical. However, the insurance READ MORE

Online reviews & testimonials – the legalities


One advantage of the internet is that it permits users to browse through various reviews about goods and services before engaging with a vendor. However there are growing concerns about this practice both for consumers and businesses, particularly, that non-genuine reviews are misleading consumers and / or causing damage to a vendor’s reputation. As online READ MORE

Restoration of a Company – forgotten assets


It is becoming more and more common that Companies are being dissolved and then, some time later, we get a call from a former shareholder having suddenly remembered that in fact the company owned a fairly significant asset and could they please have the asset transferred to them. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. If the READ MORE

Who owns the IP in a website ?


In recent years numerous internet companies have been making their mark on the world. The business marketplace has changed substantially and the vast majority of businesses have an internet presence and many are based solely online. The domain name, website and underlying source codes and software can be extremely valuable, so who actually owns them? READ MORE

Start up funding – preparing to pitch for crowdfunding


Traditionally if you were the owner of an unlisted private company there were limited opportunities for investment from outside third parties. You could apply for a bank loan or increased overdraft, ask a friend or family member or even seek investment from a small private equity provider or business angel. Times are changing for small READ MORE

What is a phoenix company?


A phoenix company is the term used to describe a new company which is started by individuals involved in a previous company which has gone into liquidation or administration.  Typically, the assets of the old business are purchased by a party connected to the previous company. The clear advantage is that the newly formed company READ MORE

Special Resolutions – practical tips


The Companies Act 2006 provides a legal framework under which companies operate including how decisions are made. Under the Companies Act 2006 when a company makes important decisions this generally has to be made by way of resolutions which are passed at meetings (by show of hands or by proxy). Resolutions Resolutions are either ordinary READ MORE

Share Options


Share options are also known as employee stock options and they are, simply put, shares given to employees as part of their remuneration package. This is a popular practice as it incentivises employees to do well because an increase in the company’s performance will obviously lead to an increase in the company’s share price and READ MORE