Europe: In or out? A legal perspective


Little has been said of the law and the regulations adopted and imposed upon us as members of the European Union (‘EU’). Sure, we all know about the curved and straight cucumbers. Is that it what it boils down to? Cucumbers? This blogpost is a general overview of matters before and after England and Wales READ MORE

New video tips from David Rosen


We think an excellent way to add interesting new content is via video – this also has the benefit of allowing you, the visitor, to get to know us in a way which mere words on a page never can. We hope this latest set of short videos from David Rosen and our marketing team READ MORE

Sanctions, embargoes, and restrictions: Part I


D Rosen We live in a very dangerous world, where chaos and destruction bring misery and decay to millions of people. Within a country’s armoury, there exist tools other than military action, to express repugnance and abject disagreement to the way things are done in certain countries or areas, by individuals, businesses, and other associations. READ MORE



Fishing? No. Not a Yiddish or German or Austrian mispronunciation of ‘fishing’, but rather, a fraud and a scam by way of a cold call to fool you into parting with details about your bank account, and passwords so that they can gain access to your online banking and extract what they can from you. READ MORE

Film fraud, tax avoidance, footballers, and retrospective legislation


D Rosen 1. Tax relief to investors in the British film industry: Some years ago, the Treasury opted to attract investors into the British film industry by offering tax relief to offset losses by investors against other tax liabilities. Such tax schemes also attracted a number of opportunists to exploit such tax advantages by appearing READ MORE

Sham Marriages


D Rosen What is a sham marriage? A sham marriage, or a paper marriage, or a marriage of convenience, is when two people give the impression they want to live permanently together in a marriage or civil partnership, when this is not true. They are not in a real relationship. The apparent relationship can be READ MORE

Domestic violence legal advice


D Rosen A fresh report published this morning by the charity ‘Safe Lives’, has produced the following findings: 85% of people who suffer domestic violence, suffer on average 50 incidents over a period of three years before doing something about it. 23% of victims have been to Accident and Emergency with injuries. Professionals miss an READ MORE