Insolvency : A brief case study


ABC Suppliers Ltd -v- XYZ Traders Ltd A thriving business in a dispute with a supplier has been threatened with commencement of winding up proceedings. Factual Scenario ABC Suppliers Ltd (ABC), a confectionary supplier, issued a letter before action to our client, XYZ Traders Ltd (XYZ), threatening that if unpaid invoices in the sum of READ MORE

Blackmail law – rarely black and white


In this post, we’ll explore a real world civil litigation example which demonstrates the potential fine line between legitimate or at least acceptable litigation tactics and blackmail. These situations and scenarios happen far more commonly than you might imagine. What is blackmail? In legal terms, the concept of blackmail is one of the simpler and READ MORE

Small Claims


Subject to certain exception, claims with a value of less than £10,000.00 are classified as small claims. This does not mean such claims are dealt with in a different court to other County Courts or with a different kind of Judge.The 2 most important implications of a claim being a small claim are :- No READ MORE

Sanctions, embargoes, and restrictions: Part I


D Rosen We live in a very dangerous world, where chaos and destruction bring misery and decay to millions of people. Within a country’s armoury, there exist tools other than military action, to express repugnance and abject disagreement to the way things are done in certain countries or areas, by individuals, businesses, and other associations. READ MORE

Breach of contract – the innocent party’s duty to mitigate loss


Contracts and loss mitigation Every business will enter into numerous contracts every year and in most cases, both parties will perform their part of the bargain at least satisfactorily. However, breach of contract is not an uncommon occurrence. In many business to consumer contracts, whilst incredibly annoying, as a consumer, if the seller doesn’t deliver READ MORE