Director acting in good faith – legal implications


Reported case decisions can be interesting for any number of reasons – interesting facts, interesting legal points, high profile characters and so on. Football related cases are always intriguing as many football clubs are not always run like other businesses. This recent case, on what appear to be straightforward facts, is worth looking at, and READ MORE

Bad leavers, good leavers and intermediate leavers


If you are starting or have a small business and are in any doubts as to the importance of having leaver provisions in your business documents or as to why a shareholders agreement, articles of association and senior employee contracts are so important, please read on! What is a bad leaver? Why is it important? READ MORE

Drag along and tag along clauses


You have formed a company and you have carefully considered the worst case scenario of what to do in the event of deadlock. Hopefully your draft shareholders agreement is taking shape. What to do if one party wants to sell and the other(s) do not ? Is that shareholder free to sell if he or READ MORE

Merger & Acquisition legal advice


Mergers & Acquisitions Mergers and acquisitions is a legal and business term that refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, financing and project management of buying, selling or restructuring different legal entities. Mergers and acquisitions are particularly relevant to rapidly expanding businesses that want to establish themselves in new business fields or geographical locations without READ MORE

Limited Liability Partnerships


LLP – what, why, when? Limited Liability Partnerships are a fairly new addition to the available structures for running a business. The LLP model is becoming increasingly popular as it really is a “half way house” between partnership and a limited company. We can advise and assist with either formation of an LLP for a READ MORE

Closing a limited company


The law on closing down a company Although a limited company can be established in a matter of hours in the UK, and for as little as £50-£100, closing down a limited company is considerably more complex. The best method applicable to closing down a limited company depends on whether that company is solvent or READ MORE

Service Level Agreement Solicitors


Service Level Agreement (SLA) A combination of rapid increase in the reliance on technology for almost every business coupled with a trend for outsourcing to provide flexibility and reduce fixed overheads has resulted in the service level agreement becoming increasingly popular. A service level agreement can apply to many functions and sectors but these agreements READ MORE

UK contract law – things to look out for


With business becoming ever more international, many non-UK businesses will enter into contracts with UK companies and will be bound by UK law (in fact English law as Scottish law is different).  Even where goods or services are not provided in the UK, it is in fact very common for international contracts, where one party READ MORE

Reasonable endeavours in contracts


Reasonable endeavours clauses When negotiating an important commercial contract, either or both parties will generally and rightly use solicitors. Remember however, that unless there are other 3rd party interests such as finance providers to satisfy, the solicitors are there as agents of the client. The client should remain in control. There are often aspects of READ MORE

Important clauses in a contract – some may not be obvious


For completely understandable reasons, clients tend to focus on certain clauses in their contracts as being most important. The obvious clauses of this type, where you are selling goods or services are describing the goods or the service sufficiently accurately and of course the price to be paid. After that, the focus tends to be READ MORE