Early Stage Investment Rounds


Funding considerations for start up businesses One of the most exciting aspects of being a corporate lawyer is advising start ups and entrepreneurs on how to make their idea a reality. One of the main issues with being a start up is that you may have the idea, the connections and even the contracts in READ MORE

Have channel 4 forgotten the yeast when buying the Bake Off rights?


Sometimes real life situations which genuinely impact people offer the easiest and best way to demonstrate important legal issues which can otherwise seem remote or dry. Let’s face it, people care about Bake Off! It looks as though Channel 4 are in a pickle – a vital ingredient in the show, the rights to which READ MORE

Practical Brexit business tips


Legal tips for the uncertainty with Brexit Practical steps your business can take now Every business in every sector has to deal with issues of all kinds to survive and thrive in normal market conditions. Brexit creates an unprecedented problem due to uncertainty. It is common consensus that it will take several years for Brexit READ MORE

Supplier Beware! Retention of Title Clauses in Contracts and the OW Bunker Malta Ltd Decision


Supplier Contracts and Retaining Title Many suppliers take commercial risks when supplying physical components or “goods” in a manufacturing, supply or retail context. In a bid to protect their position, they often retain title or ownership in the goods they supply until payment, which can often be on a 60, 90 or 120 day credit READ MORE

FIFA – Choice of Jurisdiction Legal Issues


There has recently been a great deal of press coverage in relation to FIFA pursuing  former Executives through courts in the US. There remains skepticism as to whether this is a genuine attempt by the organisation to recover funds and/or hold accountable those who may have committed wrongdoings, or merely an attempt to garner some READ MORE

Changes under the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015


Here is a reminder on some of the recent changes brought in or due to be implemented under the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015 (“SBEEA 2015”); Changes from 10/10/2015 Accelerated Strike-Off for Companies: As of 10/10/2015 the strike off period for a company which has had first notice of dissolution published in the READ MORE

Art law – a brief introduction for both Impressionists and Realists


Many would say that the fields of art and law are about as far apart as any jobs or disciplines can be but art of course is a business, worth many billions of pounds a year as well as a passion and pastime. There are a surprising number of areas of law that impact on READ MORE

Is no contract better than one you don’t understand?


Odd, to say the least, you may be thinking, for a commercial lawyer like me, who partially makes her living drafting and negotiating contracts, to pen a post with this title? Well, here’s why this is such a serious issue. In my experience, especially when working with clients who have a tight budget for legal READ MORE

Timing is everything with contract law


Well, not exactly – I am exaggerating of course. But, timing and issues of time are important in most contracts and an essential item to consider when drafting and negotiating. Time of the essence in contract? There are many statutes which apply to business where time stipulations make clear what each party’s rights and responsibilities READ MORE

Retaining title pending payment in sale of goods contracts


What is a retention of title clause? If you include a retention of title clause in your terms and conditions, you will retain ownership of any goods you sell until you receive payment. Without a retention of title clause, ownership of goods will pass to the buyer when the goods are handed over and not READ MORE